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  • You have been bankrupt
  • You have not been discharged from your bankruptcy
  • You have late payments
  • You have had an application refused by a financial institution
  • You voluntarily surrendered your previous vehicle
  • You are involved with a trustee regarding a proposal to settle your debts with creditors
Would you like to receive quick access to auto credit?

Auto financing and credit in Greater Montreal area, Laurentian and Lanaudiere




At Crédit Auto, pre-owned vehicles dealer, we offer you the best available financing at a very attractive rate. We put at your disposal our financing experts to assist you and take care of the entire process prior to the delivery of your vehicle.

You think that you do not have good credit? Apply for credit at Crédit Auto, you might be surprised ... We guarantee that you get financing that will not only restore your credit, but also make you take the wheel of the vehicle of your dreams. Come see us, our CFOs will find you a plan tailored to your taste and budget.



Filling out an auto credit request at Crédit Auto couldn't be simpler. Simply fill-out the short auto financing form on this page and optionally the long-form to get an even faster approval. Once your credit request is received, you will typically be approved within 20 minutes most of the time during our opening hours. At Crédit Auto, we offer a very personalized credit approval process. Your car loan awaits you! For an ultra-fast service, you can also apply for your car loan by phone at (514) 568-7333.

Auto financing and credit in Greater Montreal area, Laurentian and Lanaudiere

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